Welcome to the new month of August, Daughter of Zion!

I join my faith with yours to believe God for a greater glory and experience in Him. If you don’t ask, you will not receive. So I encourage you to pause now and pray this prayer with me: “Dear Lord, I thank you for your faithfulness to me. In many ways, I have failed to live up to your expectations of me. Despite this, You have been gracious to me in the Month of July and from the depths of my heart, I say again Thank You Lord for your grace and for giving me another chance. There is truly no one like YOU. I pray that in this month of August, I will arise and live before you to fulfill your purpose for my life. I receive strength divinely and understanding beyond my human abilities to consecrate my life in Jesus name, Amen. I decree that it is done and my consecration remains permanent forever more”.

I believe that God is raising fearless women i.e. bold and courageous women, anointed to impact their generation and to change the status quo! These are women who will boldly speak truth in love to overthrow the works of satan i.e. to steal, kill and destroy the joy of families and destinies. These are women who have at the core of their hearts the divine purpose of redemption and restoration of the hopeless – Those who will not be afraid to confront matters openly, exercise their legal rights in God, take a stand for righteousness and make a difference to our generation!

God is raising an end-time army of women who will “continue in My Word” i.e. the Word of God and serve the Lord in truth.

Will you be a part of this army of favored women? If you are willing, then:

Consecrate your life to God today and submit your time to Him! Allow Him refresh and separate you for greater works. Joyfully approach Him in prayer and in your worship and surrender your love to Him . Allow Him take All that you are and use it for the glory of His name. Remember, this is no ordinary or compulsive commitment . It is a love relationship with your King, Your Lord, Your Savior and Your best friend!

The five daughters of Zelophehad – Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milcah and Tirzah responded fearlessly and stood firm in the matter concerning the inheritance due to their family. These women boldly and courageously made their case and as a result, were used of God to reform the culture of their day and to expand the legal rights of women.

Ruth, a foreigner and then a widow, with no hope of a glorious future – or so it seemed – shamelessly and wholeheartedly embraced the God of Naomi, stating clearly “Your God shall be my God and your people shall be my people”! She had the faith to believe that God was who He said He was and that He will provide. She turned her back on her idolatrous background and her past by surrendering herself completely to the God of Naomi. As a result , God favored her mightily and she became the great grandmother of King David. And we know that Our Lord Jesus came through the lineage of King David! What an awesome reversal of destiny for greater works in God! The God of Ruth is still waiting for you and I to return to Him TODAY!

Arise, Daughter of Zion, from your slumber. Your weeping has endured! Wake up to the joy that awaits you in God, for you have been anointed to be one of the fearless women of our generation. May generations forever be blessed on account of your rising in God! AMEN

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