Blessed and favoured one, Happy New year to you once again! I trust you are as excited as I am about 2009. I believe you have started the year by seeking and planting your self in the presence of your God so that He can reveal to you His plans for your life this year. Remember, His word says that if you seek Him early, you will find Him!

And so, may I humbly ask, What spiritual goals have you set for yourself in 2009? Remember, the bible says it shall be from “glory to glory”. Your 2009 spiritual levels must exceed those of 2008. You must be more fruitful in your walk with God in 2009 than you were in 2008. You must love God and your neighbour much more this year than you did last year.

Remember, your goals must be SMART!

S – Specific – Define exactly what you are expecting – How, why and when you want to achieve your goals
M- Measurable – You must be able to easily measure your accomplishments periodically.
A – Attainable – Ensure you have unrestricted access to what you need to accomplish your goals
R – Realistic – Don’t set goals that you truly know you can’t make time for or those impossible to achieve in light of your circumstances. Are you able and are you willing? Can you pay the price for it? These are key questions you must ask yourself when setting your goals.
T – Timely – You must define your time frame for achieving your goals as this will create the sence of urgency needed to plant you at your new levels.

Now get started! As you set your mind on pleasing God this year, you will most surely enjoy a fruitful and victorious walk with the Lord and make the ordained impact you were created to make. Get more intimate with your Lord. Separate time to fellowship with Him as you would your lover. Let Him teach you what pleases Him and what He wants to accomplish through you. Remember, you are His vessel and He wants to beautify you so that you will manifest His glory before men. I truly love you in Christ and I am praying for you.

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