To sit at the feet of Jesus is the greatest honour any woman can aspire for. It is not just an act of submission to the teachings of our Lord and saviour but much more an intimate experience that cannot be described. I wonder how many women’s heart would skip a bit at the thought of retreating into the presence of their God. Trust me, not many.

When mary was told by the angel that God had chosen her to bring forth the messiah, she was gobsmacked! How can this thing be, she said, seeing that I know not a man? The angel replied, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the highest will overshadow you……….”!

My most beloved sisters, I am trusting God to use this forum to raise women in these last days who will take their intimacy with God seriously and be used by God bring forth a revival amongst women of all races who have rejected the love of a most loving God.

The deliverance of many women bound by tradition and by men is highly dependent on your obedience and timely response to this awesome call into His presence.

Let’s sharpen one another, work with singleness of heart and towards one heavenly purpose, as we determine in our hearts to make a remarkable difference to our generation. Remember, 2 are better than 1, for we will most surely have a greater reward(harvest) for our work.

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