My beloved sisters, I pray that my mail meets you well and highly favoured of the living God. Learning to abide in God’ s presence and experiencing a lifetime of intimacy is a journey that will require sensitivity to the leading of the Holy spirit and total obedience in ALL areas. This is because it is common to think that words received through the impression of the Holy Spirit upon your heart are for others and not for yourself. You’re likely to preach it or share it with others at every given opportunity without first appropriating the word received to your life! The husbandman, the bible records, is a first partaker of his fruits!

No doubt you may have received a revelation but it is most important to ensure that you are not found wanting in that aspect of your life. It’s no use judging the world when you do not live what you preach. And how is it that you are able to see through the log in your eyes to discover the specks in the eyes of others? Be not deceived dear ones for God cannot be mocked.

As God seeks to draw us into a lifetime of intimacy with Him, we must diligently seek to remove those barriers that hinder us from taking on His true likeness. Be quick to judge youself always to ensure that your life mirrors the righteousness of Christ that you profess. Don’t waste time trying to convince others of the truth in the word that you deliver for it is the Holy Spirit that convicts men of sin! But rather allow the word of truth that you receive to take deep roots in your life and let it cause your mind and way of life to be renewed in All things that you may present yourself holy, righteous and acceptable to Him who has chosen you for His purpose!

We are a new generation of daughters and my prayer is that we will not fall short of the impact that we have been chosen and destined to make. I love you dearly and I am praying for you.

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