Dearly beloved, My apologies for being unavailable last week as this was due to pre-planned engagements that could not be postponed. The story of Mary is very close to my heart and I desire nothing more than to share it with you.

The bible tells us that Mary sitted herself at the feet of Jesus and refused to allow the daily actvities of life distract her. In other words, she made Jesus her first priority in life and took the time she spent with Jesus very seriously. She knew that it was only at His feet that she could get the answers and the truth she so desperately needed to hear.

Like Mary, our lives must be centered around learning of Jesus for He is the way, the truth and the life that we must all live. When we allow ourselves to be distracted from worshipping Jesus, we can never be truly fulfilled in our walk with the Lord. For how can you walk with someone you don’t know? Service involves waiting on other human beings (as a service to God) but not on God himself. Worship on the other hand means waiting on God and can only be done in holiness. i.e. by separating your self so that you can commune with Him intimately. The Bible calls us ” a Holy nation” meaning, “people set apart to worship God”.

Worship requires passion and commitment, knowing that the much you put into it is most surely what you will get from it. When you spend much time in God’s presence, He will teach you to be more like Him and less like the world. For though we are in this world, we do not belong to this world. We are His ambassadors to make known His truth to all mankind so that they will not perish but come to the saving knowledge of Christ, the son of the living God.

For the women of my generation, Mary points the way walk with Christ…we must all learn to sit at His feet and learn of Him. For only in His presence are we truly sanctified and empowered to do great things for Him. Think about how much of a difference it will make if a host of us arise and take our place at His feet. How blessed our generation would be and what a legacy we will live for our daughters after us!

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