I pray that as you take on board the message in these revealed words and commit to abiding in the presence of your God, your life will not remain the same again. Let’s now examine what Jesus meant when He said, ” Mary has chosen the better part which shall never be taken away from her”.

I love the Amplified translation of this verse of the bible. It goes indepth into the real benefits of worship over much serving. It makes known the truth that Worship will profit you and always be to your advantage. In other words, It will do you good always. It will bring you favour before the living God and divine favour with men. Like Jesus, when you spend much time in His presence, God’s power will always goes before you to do exploits in His name. The power of His word will draw men unto the source of all goodness and righteous living..even our Lord Jesus Christ.

Men will NOT glorify you but your father in heaven who works through you. This is because you will be different to the rest of the world and be distinguished by His spirit and wisdom that is upon your life. Those who come in contact with you will know that you CANNOT author such goodness as it is impossible with men. So they’ll begin to seek after that “thing” that sets you apart from the rest. Therefore, your obedience to draw nigh unto God will release a host of other women to return to the feet of Jesus. They will begin to seek the rest, peace and joy that becomes your portion in life.

That verse of the scripture also says that “It will never be taken away from her”. In other words, no human being can draw you away from His presence except YOU decide to forsake your God-given place at His feet. You are secure and shadowed from the snares of the world and can be sure to find Him waiting anytime you dare to separate your self from the cares and distractions of this life.

How comforting and refreshing to know that He’ll always be there for you! Without a doubt, it is impossible to have such confidence in a human being because men will always fail you. Maybe not yesterday, not now but surely on the morrow because that’s just the way we were made. The bible says that Woe is unto a man who puts his trust in another human being!

I have chosen to make my place at His feet permanent for the above reasons and can wholeheartedly say that my joy is full. Challenges will surely come and trust me they are with me as I write but I am assured that my help comes from the Lord ALONE. I see Him make ways where there seems to be no way, he answers even before I call, he gives me divine wisdom that miraculously turns situations around and more especially, His rest and peace on every side.

Worship, my beloved sisters, is the highest calling upon our lives! As you ponder on all of this, I want you to know that I love you dearly and remain in prayer for you as you joyously and wholeheartedly respond to this clarion call.

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